It's time for a cup of good coffee...

This is our slogan since 1996, when we started selling premium specialty coffee in the Czech Republic.  For over twenty years, we have been supporting farmers across the globe, who are respectful to the natural environment.

New harvests always go directly to our roastery, where fragrant coffee is roasted weekly.



Our coffee selection changes all the time. To give you a flavor for what coffee you might find when you visit us, here is one of our favorites:

Santa Barbara Specialty Coffee When you venture out into the Santa Barbara region, you will find some beautiful, red, ripe coffee cherries. Those cherries grow on coffee trees, which the farm purposely grows in the jungle, instead of isolating them to a coffee “plantation”. It’s a small family-owned farm with a 150-year-old tradition. Pickers go into the mountains with baskets every couple of months to harvest only the ripest cherries. In a cup this coffee tastes of the Honduran forest.