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Passion Fruit Truffles

Raw cocoa, white chocolate crust and passion fruit filling.

When you bite into a Passion Fruit Truffle, you will hear a slight crunch... Make sure the cocoa doesn't go all over your shirt, but once this chocolatey goodness is in your mouth, the passion fruit flavor kicks in with all its fruity tones. 


~more available only in store~


Orange & Grand Marnier Truffles

Orange truffles, paired with the silkiness of French Grand Marnier alcohol.

If you talk to any Chocolatier - or, frankly, anyone from France - they will all tell you that the marriage between Oranges and Grand Marnier is a match made in heaven.  The bitter, silky tones of Grand Marnier are underlined by the orange flavor and its fruitiness. 


~available only in store~


Dark Berry Chocolate Bar

Our Dark Berry Chocolate Bar is a hand crafted piece of our smoothest dark chocolate combined with dried bits of dark fruits, pistachio and golden hazelnuts.

Coming in a beautifully crafted luxurious package it´s a perfect gift for yourself or your beloved ones.

~available only in store~


Caramel Hearts

Our smooth, caramel-filled chocolate hearts with a Jack Daniels twist.

Try one of our many takes on caramel hearts: caramel-raspberries, caramel-Jack Daniels, caramel-salt, and - if you're very lucky - you might even find caramel-pink pepper.  So many choices, which one will you choose?


~available only in store~


For our full selection of truffles and ganaches, visit our stores:

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