Wholesale Green & Roasted Specialty Coffee

Our partner farms provide us with premium specialty coffee beans and we like to share that happiness with others! Let us know if you are interested in becoming our partner, and getting specialty coffee beans for your own business. 


Ebel Coffee sells green coffee beans from a Santa Barbara (Honduras) farm, Finca Jerusalén. They are one of the few in Honduras to cultivate premium specialty Geisha coffee beans in the forest, among other plants, flowers, trees, and wildlife, instead of isolating them to a single plantation.  


HArvest: Cherry picking

Finca Jerusalén coffee is only harvested when it starts to turn a beautiful deep red color.  All of the cherries are manually picked, which makes them perfect for later roasting.  Our beans are gradually exposed to the sun, and acquire their sweet taste over the span of a number of months.  The harvesting season takes place multiple times during a year because our farmers only want to pick the ripest cherries, for the sweetest experience in a cup. 



Roasting takes place once a week to make sure our coffee is always fresh.   We like medium or light roasts to maintain the richness and fruitiness of our coffee.  


Roasting process . . .

We roast in the Northern Czech Republic.  From the many coffee beans we roast on a weekly basis, our selection changes frequently.  The selection may include coffees such as Ethiopia, Cameroun, Indonesia Java, Jamaica, Salvador, Honduras, Cuba, Brasil and many others.


Coffee tasting and quaLity control

Our partner farmer José Fracisco Cuellar Fajardo, from Finca Jerusalén, has been cultivating coffee for many years and he takes great pleasure in nurturing his coffee plantations.  From the bush all the way to the cup, his farm produces specialty coffee beans and their taste truly illuminates any coffee shop.

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